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Thursday, March 30

Exercise : helps you to circulate nutrients & oxygen to your skin to make your skin make you look more   fresh and more radiant
 Exercise : basically kick-starts the collagen production process of building younger and fresh skin which slows down as you get older
Exercise: improves your posture making you look /feel younger and with making feel more confident and much more stronger           
 Exercise: prevent free radical damage which is one of the main thing that causes you to look older
Exercise: also means less gray hair as it helps you to reduce stress and also helps you sleeps better which means less puffy eyes
 Exercise:    naturally boost your HGH(human growth hormones) for free without spending thousands for injections to look fresh and younger     
Exercise: maintains your muscles mass and get rid of body fat preventing  your skin from sagging

Exercise: literally turns back the clock by maintaining the length of your  telomeres  which gets shorter as your age

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