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Friday, March 24

DOMESTIC CORRUPTION I have seen another evil under the sun. The evil of parent to their children and children to their parents. I call this domestic corruption. I have seen old men who's countenance proved ill yet quaff alcohol into their system as thou it were water, some advanced futher into smorking. When the fall ill and their body down due to the effect of their doing, it forces their children who are trying to fix end in their endeavours to foot the bills alot higher than usual for the decision of their parent clinging to death well structured into months, weeks or maybe days. This is grossly unwholesome and obnoxious as insult is usually pelted on their children if the medical bills and demands are not met. The million question being that, did all these started in one day? Yes! One day of tasting to gulping bottles of motley drinks, probably a little smorking of all hues added to make one high, and getting addicted that have finally ensued into habit. This can also be seen in parent preventing their children from learning or hiding information of relevance from their children to cover up for their past mistake at the detriment of their childrens future. Nonetheless, this malaise is still prevalent, as we their children have kept mum over this issues. This silence must be broken, our feelings expressed and plight halted. But who are we to raise our voices against our ailing and senile parent when we have seated the cauldron of immorality and decadence to its highest degree, when all that fill our imaginations are carnality and dependency. How do we intend to become the correction, when we claim to be more learned yet do worse than our parents did. That's the pinnacle of hypocrisy and adjulation of consistent bladderdash. We claim to be the future of tomorrow but can't even see any future in our today. Disrespect and disobedience to our parents is overt and painful hurt of their feelings have taken the center stage. How then did corruption escalate into the devil gruesomely terrorising our nation if it were not first breed domestically. This domesticatiin of corruption must stop now, and it begins with you. compiled by UMELIWU AUGUSTINE(NATURE)

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