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Wednesday, March 29

I slept but my heart was still awake,thinking of what it shouldn't think of,glamouring over what it hates. Wha then was the cause this- a glorious betrayal. The last stab that causes more harm than good. The last stab that sends people into frenzy,which have resulted to friends killing each other,brothers becoming enemies. This is the betrayal by a loved one,friend. It is the last stab that kills most, a deviasting smile that kills. A hidden killer in a scarlet of roses.
Indeed i am the most priveleged of God's creation. Even though it seems all odds are against me, knowing fully well that their are billion of people who which to be were i am today but couldn't means i am most priveleged. Yes he paid the price and i took the glory even though i don't deserve it. I am indeed a blesse
d and more paramount the most priveleged of God's creation.

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