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Saturday, March 25

I have followed the crowd for so many years that I have no decision of my own. I have so much stuck to the crowd that I think being alone is a failure, I have taken the way the crowd took because I thought I and my friends were made for same purpose. I have delayed my destiny because of the decisions I took. I have lived for others instead of living for whom I am.
Now, the consequences are hitting hard on me. I am the middle of nowhere and in the midst of nobody. I am angry of standing still yet afraid to move forward. The people I thought were with me, People I have followed for long have now deserted me.
Should I feel guilty for my decisions? No, I never knew who I was nor did I know what I was made of, I only knew I was with people.
But now, I have realized that people are only deception to whom you are on the inside and that no man is smart except by comparism to those who know less. Crowds are misleading, being alone doesn’t mean you are a failure but a chance to realize who you are and make a decision for yourself.
I now scrutinize every decision I make and every step I take, for a person who never changes his opinion, never corrects his mistake. Standing out of the crowd was and is the only option left for me now.
I now know who I am, what I am made of and where I am going. I don’t need crowds around me again, I need myself and God. This is my decision, standing out, standing out, and yes standing out of the crowd.

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