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Saturday, March 25

 suffer pain “doctrine which is fine, but I present another aspect of pain in it sense of beauty.
Throughout this walk, I discover, there are road you could trend without pain and come out victorious, but it would be more preferable to go through pains to expand capacity and capability for such victories to last the taste of time.
Why do we undergo certain pain in life, why is there always a trash from which treasures are drawn, why should tough time stay for the unveiling of tough men, why the rigorous and rough journey when achievement could be made on platter of gold to achieve same.
Training, yes training answers that, it’s not the victory that is desires, rather its sustenance. They sustainability of every venture is the skill acquired through training and we well know that training is painful, difficult and unfriendly. Since training is painful, and yet could turn trash into treasure; produce men out of tough times, it then means that pain is beautiful.
The paradox of a beautiful pain, though sounds complex but when viewed optimistically could be instructive. The beauty of life is given to those who can celebrate their pain in joy for every moment of their life. We often want to be celebrated, famous but we never want pain in that line touring to famousness.
People will have to mock you because they don’t understand what your vision is, even relative and families would discourage you and try talking you out of your goal. But that’s just the first stage. They then will wait and watch you, scrutinizing the determination you put into what you are doing and might not want to help financially, also by giving advice and guardians. But once your determination beats their expectation only then will you enjoy the beauty of this pain- the hard time and suffering, the sleepless night and burning of candles, because you will now be respected and consequently celebrated. So like Pierre- Augustus, you should also have it at heart that the pain passes, but they beauty remains.
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