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Thursday, March 30


I sat down on Wednesday evening and captured the old memories of me growing. 23 years of life experience is not all that easy. Life experience, trying to say no, or no other option rather towards objection in the family , but it is often very sad thinking that you have been overtaking by events ,you always felt hated perhaps ,but having a big thought hoping that someday you will surrounded with the right people(ocean of happiness),but being depressed with fear and anxiety of how a heck it can work out.
    Doubling your faith as  days gone by is a good decision also healthy for your emotions. Happiness is a choice as they say , but sometimes when you feel the atmosphere of happiness, elders ,brothers ,sisters or parent will bounce on you as if you were being monitored by them to put you in a tight corner (WRONG)
Nights after nights ,days after days your emotions grow stronger , giving you real definition of a (TEENEGERS BLUPRINT).  At 19 years you have 16% of respect out of 100% . life is big even more bigger as the day passes, but the truth is you can build your life with the right people , practically is very hard but what happens when the hard way is the only way to escape?. Humility and humbleness is will take you far more far than you ever think .
 The truth is that you different from other people in one way, even better than them too .
                                                                                                  To be continued

                                       Compiled by NZUBECHI MICHEAL