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Saturday, April 1


Her water broke…
Clara was rolled into the theatre, with her husband running behind the nurses, soaked in sweat and splatters of the broken water on his trouser, it was slimy...... 
“I’m sorry sir you can’t come in, her blood pressure is up and she’s almost having a panic attack, she’s gone into labour already
“No, there’s no way! I have to be there!!!”
“We’re sorry Sir!"
Sweat broke out across his face and it looked like he was the one with the panic
attack. He loved her and would give anything to take her place in that labour
room, but of course, that couldn’t happen.
Clara couldn’t take a minute more of the pain but she had insisted on pushing all the way. She was a nurse and had helped deliver countless kids. But this was even more painful than she expected. With her legs spread out and head hurting so badly she thought she’d faint, Clara blasted into
wild tears.
“I can’t do it doc, I can’t!”
“Ma’am you have to push." The head is already out and this baby will die if you don’t!” The doctor’s voice getting more intense and sharp.
Clara began to cry again, she had dreamt many nights about this baby, her girl, her first baby after five miscarriages.
“Doc, I’m so tired, please, I’m getting really weak"
“Get her husband in here right now!"
They didn’t need to call his name a second time before Jeff came in rushing to her
“Baby, I’m here"
“It’s too painful!”
“I know my love, and I would give anything to do this for you, but I can’t” He began
sobbing as she screamed releasing a measure of the pain on his hands, he could
bet blood wasn’t flowing in them at that moment.
“Baby, listen to me. For every child we lost,
“For all the years that went by, baby push!”
“For everyone that laughed at you, push!!!”
“For the joy of having your own child, baby
And for the first time to Clara, she heard a cry that made her smile, it was the cry of a baby born. Her very own!
*You may be young, but you’re not young atall. You may have tried one thing or the other, or you may not even have a clue where to start. But there’s a hand
holding you right now. Saying, you’ve wasted enough time wondering if you’re good enough, being afraid of the possibility
of failure, its time to PUSH. You’ve probably been a great part of someone else’s dream,you’ve helped birth other visions, that’s
fantastic, but at the end of the journey, you stand alone on the finish line.
So this is for you:
For everyone that talked you down, PUSH! 
For all the times your name was forgotten,PUSH! 
For the family that said they won’t support you, PUSH! 
For that friend that betrayed you, PUSH. 
For the mistakes that try to hunt you, PUSH! 
For every time you tried and failed,PUSH!
I don’t promise that there’ll be no pain, as a matter of fact, I guarantee that you would have to cry sometimes, other times, you
would want to give up, and it will look like every bone in your body is breaking into
pieces, but for that dream in your heart, that change you want to make, that future you saw, IT’S TIME TO PUSH! 
People can love you, encourage you, and
motivate you, but when it comes down to the time to push, it is you and your creator's inspiration. Don't fail your GOD.... PUSH!!!!
*It encouraged me, so I thought to share it with you *PUSH!*

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