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Sunday, March 12


WISE THOUGHT Many years ago, they were people who saw a great man in me. As years passed by, stubbornness sprouted in me yet they never gave up on me. The persuaded and pronounced blessings on me as the one to wipe the tears of my parents away. Today i am a man of my own fixing a thing or two to fulfil that mandate. In disbelieve i see most of these same people who hurled cheers on me looking with intense anathema so gruesome as though i wronged them whereby i push to better my life and that of those around me. Don't live your life for others out of adulation or hatred wooing around the are distraction in a nice pose; it will only succeed in boggling you, creating an abberational misalignment from your mind's eye. The greatness in you is not a result of praise or dereliction of people myopic and shallow philosophy about you. Never condescend yourself to the confines of such thought and consignment, there is no better definition for slavery than that. You are great because God made you and told you so. Never keep your head in the mud but rise up and look farther, you will only get to the height you can see.

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