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Thursday, April 13

7 outrageously funny reasons Nigerians eat meat last

7 outrageously funny reasons Nigerians eat meat last
You may have noticed that most Nigerians do not touch their meat till they have finished their food. They usually save it like they were saving the best for the last. What is so special about the meat that it is saved for last? we bring you some reasons why Nigerians eat meat last. be the reason for this? 
1. Upbringing A lot of people were brought up that way. Some children were taught by their mothers not to eat their meat until they had finished the food. In some homes, you dare not touch your meat if you have not finished your food or you would be scolded. So, most children grew up into adulthood with that habit of eating meat last.
 2. Habit Eating meat last is a habit that has stuck over time. For some people, it is bad habit to eat your meat before you finish your food

 3,Motivation For some people, the meat is an encouragement to finish the food. Some people cannot even eat food that has no meat. Once the meat is gone, some people lose appetite and just stop eating the food. Read more:
 4. Save the best for the last Some people value their meat so much and believe it should be reserved for the last. To them, the meat is the trophy they get for finishing the food.
 5. It is embarrassing How would you feel if you ate your meat at the beginning and a visitor walks in? The visitor will just assume you cannot afford meat and that is why you are eating without meat.
  6. It makes the food unappealing A meatless plate makes the food look unappealing. There are people who will never eat food that has no meat. The meat on top of the plate is like the icing on top of the cake.
 7. Enough time to savour the meat The meat can be hard sometimes and eating it in between meals would take time. Pausing in between your meal to spend a considerable time battling a piece of meat can make you lose your appetite. 

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