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Tuesday, April 11


Image result for relationship imagesThe devil has lied to many young people that you can't have a deep connection, a deep bond or deep love unless you kiss, fondle and have sex! It's a tragedy when they go into marriage with this toxic mindset! Unmarried single sister or brother you can have a beautiful, deep and happy relationship by walking in purity. I can testify to you through my own walk that it's very possible. Prayer is what will connect you both in the deepest way you can ever imagine! Prayer positions you both to walk in an adapted & suited way towards each other. It cancels channels of quarrels and misunderstandings! Show me a married couple that argues everyday and I'll show you a married couple that doesn't pray together everyday! Prayer requires forgiveness, dedication & pure love that's why some couples abort daily prayer because they are angry, too busy or unhappy. It's a hard road to take but it has great benefits short and long term. Hold hands and pray together! Lay hands on their head and pray for them! Stop laying your hands on their breasts, legs and private parts! Areas that belong to a husband or wife! Prayer is the most important form of communication in relationships not your lips kissing or your bodies fornicating. Refuse the lies of Satan and pray together and God will reveal His glory in your relationship.

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