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Monday, April 10


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Who Is Efe.?Efe got me thinking. ...Efe is Nigeria personified.....If you are reading this post and you have no light to power your phone when it runs down but depends on generator to do so, you are Efe.If you had to do menial jobs to see yourself through school, you are Efe....If you left the shores of Nigeria in search of greener pasture because you didn't give up on life, you are Efe....If you ever skipped meal to pay for your text books, you are Efe....If your parents ever sacrificed the pleasures of life to see you through school, you are Efe....If you are not discouraged by others who see you asnot good enough, you are Efe......The story of Efe is that of a typical Nigerian......Efe means hard work....Efe means being Effective.......Efe means resilience.......Efe means determination......Efe means courage........Efe means Grace.........You can add your own. ..He won more hearts and votes not by faking it but bybeing real.......He spoke the language 90% of Nigerians understand.........He sold the Nigerian brand of pigin to the world.........So based on#logisticsYou can now disappear Image may contain: 1 person, standing Ejeba Efe Michael (born February 25, 1993) popularly known as
Efe Ejeba or simply Efe, is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, actor and reality television show star.

Efe is the most popular Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate, having over 60% of fans compare with the other housemates.

Efe ‘Based On Logistics’ as he is fondly called by viewers has so far competed himself in the Big Brother Naija House, staying clear from all. Kinds of drama.

Despite his Nose picking habit, the Delta State-Born, Jos-based Rapper has taken everyone by surprise with the supports from viewers.

After being nominated for possible eviction, Efe pulled an
incredible 39.9% 58/59% out of 100% to stay in the Big Brother Naija House.

He hails from Delta state, Nigeria (with his family-root from Warri). As a rapper, Efe musical style is referred to as pigin-english rap.

Efe is one of the housemates in the 2017 Big Brother Naija television shows. Efe moved to Lagos because it is “where it all happens’’ and worked his way up to earn recognition.

Efe is a graduate in Economics, he enjoys cooking and is confident his easy-flowing attitude will help him win over Housemates’ plots.

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