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Wednesday, April 5

Image result for wise words picturesLearn to enjoy your garri and groundnut
with chilled water for lunch
And remove your eyes from fried rice and
chicken that you cannot afford.
Enjoy your zobo for now and cease longing
for champagne that’s not yet yours..
Wear your Okrika with pride till you can
afford visiting boutiques..
Thank God that with 15k android phone,
you can ping, enjoy it and leave Samsung S5
till you can afford it..
Braid is beautiful on african women, enjoy it
and don’t kill yourself over Brazilian hair.

Contentment is the key.
That you do not have it today doesn’t mean
you won’t have it tomorrow.
Only be determined and work harder.
Thank GOD for His finger today and He’ll
Show you His full hand!!
You Are Blessed.

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