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Wednesday, April 5


Was thinking about the fellow that jumped into the lagoon , and I just couldn't help but feel sad....I spent time wondering what could have moved the young man to such an action. Heard on radio this morning that he was just 35 years....
At 35 he was a doctor...had a car, and even a driver...from the Nigerian standard that sounds like a
successful young man in all ramifications.

There probably were lots of his secondary school mates or his university mates envying him.
But truth is no one knew what he was going through.....
I concluded that he was having a bout of depression and it took a bad turn.
I will ask some pertinent questions.
When last did we check on a friend that we haven't heard from in a while?
When last did we visit some one we knew was finding things difficult?
When we see someone who had it going so well and all of a sudden is finding it hard to make ends meet, do we make fun of them?
When was the last time we called the names of particular people in our circle during our prayers with our creator, to intercede on their behalf ?
The economy is tough and truly people are finding it more difficult to survive.
I have noticed personally an increased number of destitutes in Lagos lately.
We need to watch out for each other.......we need to call, we need to visit. I am hoping we check in on others from time to time ( physically).
We never know who needs just an ear to listen to all the problems he/she is going through.
Let's be more caring..... To at least call someone per day just to say hello!
i also am aware of a guy who came online to say he wanted to kil himself, manyu thought he was joking,.some even told him to go to hell for all he cares... Latest news reaching me now is that he have finally committed his bindings,,,, while the guy just needs some little encouragement ;
Pls learn be ur brother keeper Lets ponder on this for a few seconds and decide to assist each other psychologically..
compiled by lucky omamuaye

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