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Sunday, April 9


corruption in nigeria has grown because its highly encouraged. In the trouble Nigeria i suggest "nigerians are corrupt because the system they live under makes corruption easy and profitable . They will cease to e corrupt when corruption is made difficult and unattractive".
Image result for chinua achebe picturesIcan state categorically that the problwm of corruption and indiscipline is propably worse tooday than it has ever been,because pf the massive way i which the nigerian leadership is using the nation's wealth to corrupt,really to destroy the country , so no improvement or change can happen . Recently out of despair , i stated"corruption in nigeria has passed the alarming and entered the fatal stage, and nigerian'will die if we countinue to pretend that she is only slightly indisposed".
The world bank recently released numbers indicating that about  $400 billion has pilferd from nigeria's treasury since independence . One needs to stop for a moment to wrap ones mind around that incredible figure . This amount-$400 billion -is aproximately the gross domestic product of Norway and of Sweeden . In other words ,nigeria's corrupt rulling class stole the equivalent of the entire economy of a European country in four decades .This theft of national fund is one of the factores essentially making it impossible for nigeria to succeed.

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